Welcome to the Hippo-PLANIT!

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A WORLD FIRST! We've created a space to guide you through the management, evaluation and planning of your approach to certification using a world class technology platform and current best practices that are as simple as draging and droping your way to sucess! 

For the next 90 days we want you to try the Hippo-PLANIT out absolutely free of charge. 

What you get...for FREE.

  • Our Study Guide will evalute what certification is best for you. 
  • We'll walk you through an assessment that will determine what your learning and study style is, our Hippo-Campus Exam Simulation Platform has been designed with our study style in mind. 
  • We'll walk you through the application process.
  • We'll help you set a date for your exam
  • We'll work with you to decompose your study schedule to best suit your unique challenges & learning style.
  • We'll show you how you're progessing
  • We'll remind you of due dates - that you personally have set. 

It really is that easy.

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